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1.)Use a leave in hair conditioner when you are in a rush.

2.) Dry shampoo is your friend.

3.) Let your hair air dry for a little while before you start to dry it.

Not too long otherwise it’s harder to style but with a bit of experimenting you can find the optimal point. You can also consider investing in a hair drying towel. They dry your hair faster than a cotton towel does.

4.) If you dry your hair invest in the most powerful hairdryer you can afford.

It will be worth saving those few minutes. The higher the wattage, the hotter and faster the blow-dryer. 1800 to 2100 are recommended, as it will dry hair without exposing it to too much heat. So choose one with at least 1800 watts but go for 2000 or more if your hair is thick. Also look for one that uses ion technology and ceramic heat. This will reduce frizz, static and heat damage as well as cutting down on drying time

5.) The magic of blow dry creams.

A blow dry cream can cut down the time it takes to blowdry. They also can help reduce static and frizz as well.

6.) Use the best and quickest hair tools:

Hair Straighteners

If you have thick hair that you straighten invest in the best and biggest hair straighteners.

Hair straightening brushes make hair look frizz free in no time.

7.) Don’t wash your hair everyday.

Style your hair one day. If you choose the right style and do it well the look should last. It can be updated for the next day and make it quick and style the next. Check out these 13 genius hairstyles that will last for 2 days.

8.)Hide it

If all else fails, tie a scarf, use or handband get a hat for those desperate days to hide a multitude of sins.