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5 Ways to Cut Down Your Laundry Time In Half

How Much of Your Time Do You Spend Each Week Doing Laundry? For my family of 4 it's about 1 wash a day. On average this takes about 20 minutes each time (including sorting and folding)! That totals 2 hours and 20 minutes a week which is 60 hours and 40...

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How To Sort Your Socks – Fast!

The truth of sock sorting How much have your life have you spent sorting out socks into pairs? Hands up - probably hours..., going into days. Eek! What a tedious, complete waste of time. It's boring. So I stopped doing it. How? I have several...

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Life Is Short. Why You Need To Declutter Now!

The cold hard truth is when you add up how much time you spend tidying stuff, organising it, cleaning it, tidying it, researching it, buying it, cleaning it - it translates into a huge percentage of your life. Imagine what you could have done with that...

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40 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Women

If you're looking for zero waste and eco-friendly gift ideas for women. Check out 40 gift ideas below: Beauty Gifts  Solid Shampoo Gift Set Check Price on ebay (#affiliatelink) Ethique make a range of solid shampoo hair...

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35 Experience Days for Teenagers – The Ultimate Guide

Some of the most eco-friendly gifts for teenagers are experience gifts. You are not wasting your money on plastic and stuff that will just go into the bin. Experience gift ideas also make the best ideas for teen guys and girls when you are not sure what to...

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