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Remember when we used soap bars before handwash that comes in plastic bottles. Well bars are back and not just for soap. Shampoo bars can replace shampoo bottles. Lush have an extensive range of shampoo bars. as well as solid conditioner. Deodrant bars are a great swap for rolls ons in plastic bottles or sprays. And shaving bars replace shaving foam.

Zero Waste Mascara

Mascara is the only make up item I really can’t do without. But all mascaras come in plastic tubes. It’s a difficult one to replace but there are options. Check out this black zero waste mascara from Clean Faced Beauty.

If you have time and are a little handy, why not try making your own. There are lots of videos of how to do it on youtube with different recipies and methods. Check out some DIY mascara videos. 

Raw Coconut Oil

Raw Coconut Oil can be used for so many things. It’s can be used as an eye make up remover, a moisturiser, to condition the ends of hair, as a natural hair mask,

You can also use it as an ingredient in recipes and smoothies. In fact it’s uses seem to be limitless. Find 77 coconut oil uses for body, skin and around the home

Cotton Buds Swaps

I love cotton buds for wiping away make up around my eyes without smudging my mascara. So I was pretty gutted when I realised that the plastic in them meant they were something I could no longer use.

But the good news is there are replacements to the plastic stem cotton buds which include bamboo stemmed buds and paper stemmed buds. They can also be use for all the other tasks people use cotton buds for which tend to be either ear or baby related.

Make Up Remover Pads

Ditch the one use cotton pads for removing make up. There are lots of items that you can use to replace them. If you have flannels around they do the job of cleaning your face. Or you can purchase dedicated zero waste make up removal pads which can be used again and again with washing between uses.

The make up removal pads featured in the picture are reusable (up to 1000 times) and will apparently take off waterproof mascara and foundation with just water.

Another option is making your own make up removal pads.

Zero Waste Make Up

#Zero waste mascara has already been covered but what about all the other make up. Zero waste brands are still limited in the UK but here are a few to try out.

Lush – lush do a few zero waste make up options. Their lip block lives in a cardboard box, so no plastic packaging in site. Their zero waste eyeshadow also has a cardboard box (easily reusable and recyclable). Use it as eyeshadown, eyeliner and / or a highlighter. Well worth checking out.

Antonym cosmetics – are based in the US but you can source Antonym’s products on in the UK. It’s natural and organic make up that is also cruelty free. Not all products are plastic free but many of them are being packaged in bamboo and paper, so double check before you buy.

Zao – they produce organic make up which is cruelty free. Many pieces of make up come in bamboo packaging and can be refilled. Although not all and  some of the refillable make up comes in recyclable plastic packaging so check before you buy.

Safety Razor

Ditch all those disposable razor blades and replace with a good old fashioned safety razor for shaving your body parts.

Some people can get nervous about using a safety razor as the razor are sharper but it really is no different to shaving with a disposable. This safety razor is nice one for women. Using a good shaving foam / soap is essential and be extra careful around the awkward bits like ankles and knees.

As you get a close shave you will probably find you need to shave less.

Wooden Brushes

An easy beauty swap is the toothbrush. Next time you need to replace one of the plastic variety, go for a bamboo toothbrush instead.

Likewise if you need to replace a hairbrush avoid the plastic variety, go for a bamboo hairbrush.

Toothpaste Alternatives

Toothpaste is another item that comes in a plastic tube. However there are quite a few options including toothpaste tabs and toothpowder. Lush do both of these options, check them out here.  Georganics make charcoal activated teeth whitening powder which comes in plastic free packaging and is in the picture featured above. You can also make your own toothpaste, normally made with baking soda.

More Hair Removal

Personally I’ve always used Veet for my hair removal but as it comes in plastic packaging, another alternative is needed. option

One option is sugar strip ease hair remover. It’s 100% natural and, vegan friendly and cruelty free.

It’s easy to use too.