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Books can be sourced very cheaply. Some ideas you can buy the collections of books from the book people (works out at less than a pound per book!). There are many shops including poundlound or The Works where you can usually get books for a pound or two each.

Or look for book sets on amazon. Captain Underpants is a good choice for boys. Jacqueline Wilson is a good choice for girls.

Bath Bombs

Boys and girls both love bath bombs. You can pick these up in sets which will work out just over £1 each.

Of course you could also go for mini soaps or anything else which they can use in the bath.

Baked Goods and Edible Treats

Kids love cupcakes, brownies or sweets in a mug.

You can make these part of the party where they make the edible treats that they are too take home. If you want to keep it simple, they can just decorate gingerbread men or ice biscuits as one of the fun activities. Or if you have time, ice the biscuits with each party guest’s name.

Or just give them the treats at the end of the party instead of lots of plastic toys.

Packet of Seeds

Packets of seeds like sunflowers or cress can be fun. They are easy to grow so are fun for most people to have a go.

You could also include a sheet of instructions as to what to do. For cress include an egg box to start them off.


Kids love chalks. This can be a great idea for the summer as they will enjoy chalking on the pavement outside. And it can easily be washed away when the rain comes.

You can order chalk online. Or pick up a packet from the supermarket, poundshop or stationary shop.

Cupcake in a Jar Kit

A ‘cake in a jar’ kit is a great idea instead of a party bag.  Measure out the dry ingredients into the jar (flour, sugar, etc). Write the recipe and instructions of how to make on the outside and any other ingredients they may need to add.  Add a ribbon for decoration.

You can amend this idea for other recipes too. What about cookies in a jar?

If you would rather not have sugar involved in your party bag, why not have the ingredients and instructions to make play doh or slime in a jar.

Notepad and Pencils

Most kids love drawing and doodling. A little notepad and pencil can be useful. Or you could buy a small pack of coloured pencils as a party bag goodie too.

If you’re feeling generous, why not put all the items into a pencil case instead of a paper bag.

Colouring Book

There are colouring books that are great for young children. These can be bought in bulk very cheaply. Pocket sized coloring books are perfect for party bags. If they’re given out in a party bag at a wedding they are fab for keeping young ones entertained as well. Pair with a pack of pencils.

Design Your Own Binoculars

There are some really great paper and cardboard craft kits which are perfect to put into party bags or to complete at the party.

Kids will love designing these cardboard binoculars. I can’t vouch for the packaging they arrive in but the binoculars themselves are made of card. You could always make your own cardboard kit to put in the pary bag.

Box Buddies

How cool are these box buddies for a space themed birthday party. Or any kids birthday party.

They come flat so can easily be put into a party bag. When kids get home they are easy and fun to build into a cute space themed box toy without any cutting or sticking.