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*This post may have affiliate links, which means I may receive commissions for ebay and amazon if you choose to purchase through links I provide (at no extra cost to you).

So it’s my son’s birthday this month (in 10 days!) and he will be 7 years old.  I need to find him some plastic free toys and gifts for his birthday so I’ve been doing a lot of research. This article is the culmination of my research. As far as I can tell the toys and gifts featured don’t contain plastic, although I can’t be 100% sure that the packaging doesn’t. However, I’ve tried to find stuff that doesn’t contain plastic in any shape or form. To be 100% sure it would be worth e-mailing the manufacturer or buying the item for a shop so you can see for yourself.

Paper Airplane Squadron Kit

The paper airplane squadron kit is great for 7 year olds to make paper airplanes with. It comes with 20 decorative sheets of paper and stickers.

Adults may have to give young kids a helping hand but it’s a good project for kids and adults to work on together. If they are not into airplanes the makers of this kit have other projects kids can work on as well including cardboard race cars. 

Bath Bombs

Boys love bath bombs as much as girls. My boy loves space so a rocket themed bath bomb like the one featured from Lush in the picture above would go down a treat.

You can pick bath bombs up from lots of places. It is hard to find specific ones for boys though, so Lush is a good place to start.

WWF Wild Guess Game

The WWF Wild Guess Game is a cool version of “Guess Who” but it’s plastic free and made of cardboard. Ask questions to guess which animal is on your opponent’s card.  It’s very educational as kids will be able to learn about their favourite animal as it also includes an animal fact guide.

A donation to the WWF is made with every purchase of this game

Wooden Marble Run

Marble runs are fantastic fun. Have fun constructing an amazing marble run and then have just as much fun running marbles down it. A marble run is a great alternative to more plastic lego for boys who like constructing things.

Check out the Quadrilla wooden marble run which is German made and excellent quality. It’s a toy that will last through the play of siblings and cousins.

Giant Chalks

These Giant Chalks are guaranteed outdoor fun, so a perfect present for summer. It’s definitely one that’s on my son’s list.

They can spend ages chalking on the pavement outside. You don’t have to worry about them making mess indoors with paints or pens. Then if you need to, the chalks will wash away with water. Or you can wait for it to rain.

They are great for kids to practise writing and write messages to siblings or Mum and Dad. They can use chalk to draw pictures and doodle too.

Fabric Crayons and T-shirt

My son is crazy about designing his own t-shirts and is always asking me to get him t-shirts and pens so he can make is own designs.

As I am now cutting down on my consumption of plastic, I have found these fabric crayons which I am going to give him on his birthday along with a plain white t-shirt. It works by drawing with the crayons directly onto the fabric. Then cover the design with a piece of paper or cloth and iron over the design to set the dyes.


Books are educational. Kids love it when you read to, with them or hear them read. To be really environmentally friendly you can get books on a kindle edition.

The Little Kids First Big Book of Why is one book that my son already has but it would make an excellent 7th birthday present. It’s got lots of great pictures and answers all those questions kids want to know such as, what makes a car go? How does mushy dough become a crispy cookie? What does the doctor see in my throat?  Many 7 year olds will be able to have a go at reading it on their own and have adults help them with any tricky words. Otherwise it’s a great book to read to them.


Card Games – Randomise

Catapult Building Kit

If the 7 year old you know likes lego but you want to avoid buying lots of plastic bricks, there are some fab wooden construction kits that boys who love to build will enjoy.

7 year olds will probably need a bit of help building this catapult kit, but they will love working on a project with an adult and may be able to do most of it themselves.

However the really fun part comes when they get to play with it and fire using the soft clay balls which are included.

Lockable Space Journal

For some reason in the past lockable diaries seemed to be very much focused on girls. However both my boys have loved writing in books, journals and diaries so a lockable diary is something they both would love.

Nowadays as there seems to be much more equality there are a range of lockable diaries that both boys and girls will love including this glow in the dark space diary. As my own son is very much focused on space he will love this.

It is quite small (16cm) but it will be big enough for my little one.