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11 Motivational Writing Tips For Your Blog

Tip Number 1  - Write It may sound obvious but it's very easy to say you're going to start a blog but never get around to writing anything for it. The best tip for any wannabe blogger is just get started.  We can get distracted by having lots of ideas for...

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Top Tips To Blog More Quickly

Write What You Know The most time consuming part of writing blog posts is any research you have to do. If you write about what you know you won't have to do that research and you will be sharing your personal expertise with others without really having to...

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10 Zero Waste / Plastic Free Beauty Swaps

  Bars Remember when we used soap bars before handwash that comes in plastic bottles. Well bars are back and not just for soap. Shampoo bars can replace shampoo bottles. Lush have an extensive range of shampoo bars. as well as solid...

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Plastic Free Party Bag Goodies

Books Books can be sourced very cheaply. Some ideas you can buy the collections of books from the book people (works out at less than a pound per book!). There are many shops including poundlound or The Works where you can usually...

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39 Flexible Work For Yourself Ideas for Mums

I've worked from home for myself for the last 9 years. There are advantages and disadvantages but the pros outweigh the cons in my opinion. Here are few: Flexibility with the hours I work - I can pick my kids up from school, drop them off in the morning...

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8 Awesome Time Saving Hair Tips

1.)Use a leave in hair conditioner when you are in a rush. 2.) Dry shampoo is your friend. 3.) Let your hair air dry for a little while before you start to dry it. Not too long otherwise it's harder to style but with a bit of experimenting you can find the...

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