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Colouring Pencils (Ditch the Plastic Option Felt Tip Pens)

Pencil shavings can actually be composted if you have this option. They are plastic free so make a great alternative to plastic felt tip pens.

Be careful which container they come in. Many pencils come in a plastic box so watch out for that. Try and choose one with a cardboard offering as a container.

Rubber Band Gun

A great alternative to a plastic nerf gun is a rubber band gun. These are inexpensive, made of wood and most importantly tons of fun.

I’ve found with nerf guns you have to spend lots of money replacing the nerf gun bullets which get lost and In my house chewed!. The rubber bands that the guns use for amnunition are easy to use and a lot cheaper too.

Gardening Kit (Vegetable Gro box)

Kids love gardening and growing things. One great gift is just a packet of seeds that they can plant in a plant box. Sunflowers seeds are a good one for young children.

Another fab idea that I have tried done with my own 6 year old son is they Vegetable grobox. It’s so easy to do. Dig a hole in the garden where the sun will shine to plant the whole box. The box is made of cardboard so no plastic here! Cover it with soil, water and watch the vegetables grow.


Children’s books are a great gift idea and there is always the perfect option for kids of all ages. Reading books, puzzle books, search and find options, and colouring books are all fab ideas.

The great thing about reading books is that they can be passed on to be read by cousins, friends and younger siblings. They can be given to charity shops and when finished with recycled.

Find the Dangerous Book for Boys and the Daring Book for Girls.

Jigsaw Puzzles

This is a good option for kids of all ages as you can increase the number of pieces for older kids.

Jigsaw puzzles are educational in so many ways. Great for honing fine motor skills in younger kids. They are great for doing with other people so can be excellent for learning how to work in a team as well.

Card Games

Top Trumps, memory card games and Uno are among some of the most popular cards games.

They are fun and educational too.

Great options for entertaining kids when travelling and on holiday.


The classic games are always the best ones. Jenga is a game made of wooden blocks that the whole family can play. Grandparents, parents, siblings, friends and cousins can all enjoy the fun.

Remove a block from the tower without it crashing.

Great for increasing concentration and improving fine motor skills.

Wooden Bow And Arrow

If he or she loves Percy Jackson, The Hunger Games or the Disney Film Brave, they will  love a wooden bow and arrow.

Excellent fun for kids. Adults will be queuing up to have a go too.

Baking Kit

Many kids love to bake and you can get lots of different cake baking kits and cookery books for kids which can be put together as a gift and not use any plastic.

This is quite an inexpensive way to do it and lots of fun too. .

Dinosaur Puppets

How cool are these dinosaur puppets? They are made of cardboard so easy to recycle once made and played with.

They are easy to make. Kids can follow the instructions and no glue or scissors are required.

Dinosaur Construction Kits

If your child likes construcion kits like lego, it can be hard to find a non plastic alternative. One idea for the kids who like to build and construct is a wooden dinosaur kit.
Each model is built by slotting the individual pieces together, following the easy to use numbering system included in each kit. They can be proudly displayed in a bedroom once completed.

Wooden Skipping Rope

Lots of traditional fun to be had with a wooden skipping rope. It’s a fantastic summer toy. Brilliant for keeping the kids active as well as great hand and eye co-ordination.

Scratch Magic Note Cubes

I bought a scratch magic note cube for my 10 year old son last year as a stocking filler and these were actually one of the best gifts we bought. And he requested we buy some more.
It’s simple, you scratch your designs with the wooden stylus on the mini notes. Write messages, draw pictures and doodle. Lots of fun to be had.

Lockable Diary 

Both boys and girls like lockable diaires where they can write, draw and doodle and keep their secrets safe.

There are lots of diaries for girls, but my two sons like a lockable diary too. Find a lockable diary for girls and boys.

Domino Block Set

Another alternative construction idea to plastic legos is a wooden domino building set.

There’s so much you can do with this set. Build all kinds of construcions or build a domino rally to knock down.


100 Paper Airplanes To Fold and Fly

Another traditional toy for kids to make are paper airplanes.

This paper airplanes book gives lots of paper airplanes ready to make and fly.

Just follow the instructions. A great activity for parents and children to do together.


Candle Making Kit

Making candles with beeswax is a fun creative activity that kids will enjoy. Check out a beeswax candle making kit perfect for kids.



There are tons of instruments which are plastic free from triangles and wooden maracas to mid sized instruments such as a wooden recorder and then onto bigger ideas including a ukelele and a guitar.


Gardening Set

A proper fork and trowel for the garden. Add some seeds for them to plant as well.

It is a set which could last for years with lots of planting and gardening fun to be had.


Friendship Bracelet Making Set

There are lots of bracelet making sets for young children but it’s sometimes hard to find one that doesn’t contain any plastic at all.

This bracelet making set includes an instruction booklet for making 5 different bracelet designs. The set also includes 12 cotton yarns and 5 metal safety pins. 


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