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10 Super Quick Ways To Declutter Your Kitchen

No matter how much you try to stay decluttered in a kitchen, the fridge always seems to need cleaning, there is always a junk drawer and papers seem to collate from nowhere. Take 10 minutes out of your day for a clutter free kitchen. Making it easier to clean and manage.

Clean out the plastic bags draw (cupboard)

Time taken – 2 minutes For some reason we hoard these things. Take a few bags and put them in the car for your next shopping trip. Keep a few in the cupboard for when you need them at home and take the rest to be recycled. Many supermarkets now have a collection point for recycling plastic bags. Top Tip – Ditch the plastic bags altogether and get a reusable shopping bag.



Clear Out Tupperware

Time taken – 2 minutes Do you have one of those cupboards with plastic containers and lids which don’t fit together. Get rid of any that are broken or odd. If you need to buy any new to replace them, consider getting glass containers as these are more easily recycled when you have finished with them.

Tackle The Medicine Cabinet

Time taken – 2 minutes Go through the medicines. There will be some which will have definitely expired. Get rid of them. Tidy up the plasters and bandages.

Clear Around theĀ  Sink and The Counters

Time taken – 1 minute Put any stuff away on the draining board and take any stuff off the counters which can be put into the cupboard. When the clutter is gone it looks great and it’s super easy to wipe down too.

Attack the Junk Drawer

Time taken – 1 minute We all have one – the junk drawer! Clear it out. Be ruthless. Do you need 10 elastic bands and a broken highlighter pen. Is there somewhere better the extra phone charger can go. Throw away any bits of paper, pens that don’t work and put the change in your wallet for you to spend later. Throw away any expired or unused food items in the fridge. Time taken – 2 minutes (up to 5 minutes if you want to give it a quick wipeover too – or you have a lot of clutter).



Remove Chipped or Broken Plates / Cups

Time taken – 2 minutes Go through your cupboard and get rid of any chipped or cracked mugs, cups, plates and other items.

Sort the Tupperware

Time Taken – 2 minutes Sort out that tupperware. Get rid of any plastic tub without a lid and any lids without a plastic tub. If you have lots remove any that are stained to cut down the amount that you have. Replace with glass containers if you need to (better for the environement).

Tackle Your Pile of Papers

Where do you keep that pile of papers?You know the one with all the correspondence you’ve put one side to file or deal with later. On the top of the fridge, in a draw, on the windowsill? Go through them and deal with them. Top Tip – if you’re not sure whether to through a piece of paper away because the information on the paper might be important, get your phone and take a quick photo of it. Then you have a copy of the information if you ever need it but you can throw away the bit of paper it came on. Always back up your photos with a program like google photos (to make sure you never lose it). Google photos app will automatically back up any photos you take on your phone. You can file photos as well under an admin file or something similar.



And Everything Else…

I think by now you have the idea. Get rid of all the broken stuff and all the stuff you don’t need or use. Other areas to tackle include the food cupboards (remove anything out of date), the kitchen table (get rid of or put away anything left on there, the utensil drawer (remove anything broken or bent) and any other area that you can think of. A few minutes work and you have a lighter more usable kitchen. Less stuff means less time spent organising, searching for stuff and cleaning. Enjoy!