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A 10 minute shop can only be done online. If anybody can get through the supermarket and checkout in 10 minutes, it is a miracle.

Here are the instructions as to how to get your shopping done every week in 10 minutes.

Preparation – Do at least one online shop

There is an initial time investment. You will need to do an online shop at Tesco. If you’ve never done an online shop before it the first shop will take forever. After you’ve done at least one online shop, download the Tesco app to your phone.

If possible do a massive online shop for your first one with most of the things you will buy each week. All will become clear in a minute.

Once this is done you can then to your shopping in 10 minutes every week so the initial time investment is well worth it.

10 minute shop

Once you’ve opened the Tesco app go to the last online order. Copy the order. Now you can just order the whole lot again and pay for it. Shopping done in 2 minutes. However it’s highly likely you will need to amend your order as you won’t need all the stuff from your previous shop.

Go through the order and delete anything you don’t need on this shop. Add anything you do need to the order. Checkout and pay.

Other Methods

Shopping with tesco online has various timesaving features. Once you’ve done a couple of tesco online shops you will get a favourites and usuals list, you can use this favourites list to do your online shop quickly. You go into the “My Favourites” or “My Usuals” tabs on the app. Then just go through and add what you want to your shopping basket.

Another time saving features is the shopping list. You can find out more about this on the Tesco website.

You can make a shopping list of products on the Tesco website which you can just add to your basket as and when you need them.

So it could be you have a 4 week meal plan and you set up four weekly shopping lists for each week.

More Quick Ways to Shop Online.

Many retailers make is super easy to do repeat orders. It’s obviously in their best interest to make it super easy for you to buy items again.

One great example is the amazon subscribe and save service. You can set it up to have household items such as toilet roll and cleaning products delivered on a regular basis. The great thing about it is that once it’s set up at the right frequency you never have to worry about buying these things or running out ever again.

It does take a bit of trial and error to set it up but amazon will let you know when the items are about to ship and you can cancel them at any time.